Your Essential Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide: The Ten Most Wish-List Worthy Stocking Stuffers Of The Season!

Your Essential Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide: The Ten Most Wish-List Worthy Stocking Stuffers Of The Season!

Nov 5th 2021

3 min read

Your Essential Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide: The Ten Most Wish-List Worthy Stocking Stuffers Of The Season!

It’s never too early to grab those essential stocking stuffers. If you wait until the holiday rush, chances are you’ll end up on the naughty list. Lucky for you, we asked Bella owner, Suzanne, to curate a list that will bring all the warm fuzzies and solidify you as a good-gifter!

The Ten Most Wish-List Worthy Stocking Stuffers

1. Freshy Face Kit

Why we love it: It comes with everything you need to kickstart your skincare routine. A plush bow spa headband to keep hair out of your face, two reusable face cleansing pads that remove make-up with gentle anti-bacterial microfibers instead of harsh chemicals and one luxurious konjac face sponge that cleanses and exfoliates for a smooth, glowing complexion! Available in four color combos. Our pick: black, pink + white.

2. Wash The Day Away Cleansing Pad Set

Why we love it: This reusable set of three cleansing pads is eco-friendly -reducing waste, free of chemicals and additives - making them safe for your skin and removes make-up and impurities with just water - saving you money! Earth friendly, skin friendly and wallet friendly. What’s not to love? Available in four color combos. Our pick: classic white.

3. Goodnight Gorgeous Satin Sleep Set

Why we love it: Silky satin makes beauty sleep a breeze. Includes 3 pieces-eye mask, pillowcase with zipper and scrunchie. Retain your blowout longer and prevent frizz, reduce friction on your face which causes sleep lines and block light for your best sleep. A triple-threat to your bedhead, wrinkles, and restless nights! Available in five colors. Our pick: leopard of course!

4. Konjac Face Sponge

Why we love it: It’s all natural, rich in vitamins and crucial antioxidants and gently purifies as it exfoliates to reveal luminous skin. Use with your go-to cleanser or just add water! Made from the konjac root. Natural, simple beauty that brings your best glow. Available in pink, charcoal or white. Our pick: charcoal.

5. Konjac Body Sponge

Why we love it: It has all the benefits of the konjac face sponge, for your entire body! Slough off dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin. Use up to 3 months before replacing. Simply hang in shower to dry. It’s never been easier to achieve smooth, healthy skin. Available in three color options-pink, black, and white. Our pick: Why not buy all three?

6. Spa Headband

Why we love it: The headband is back in force, and we couldn’t be happier. This multi-functional spa essential keeps hair out of your face while completing your skin routine or getting gorgeous without creasing or damaging your tresses. Available in seersucker, plush, or plush with bow accent. A pop of color never hurt! 8 different plush colors and 6 different seersucker colors to choose from. Our pick: perfectly plush bow headband in hot pink!

7. All About the Face Microneedle Roller

Why we love it: This little roller brings the benefits of a spa straight to your bathroom! Microneedles trigger the production of collagen and skin tissue, revealing smoother, firmer, more toned skin. Bonus: your serums will absorb better, making them work more successfully on your skin. That’s a win/win.

8. All about the Face Ice Roller

Why we love it: Hollywood’s best secret is out! Spoiler alert: it’s this beauty tool that de-puffs, brightens and reduces inflammation. Even Santa’s elves couldn’t work magic like this. Pro tip: Store in freezer; works great on muscle aches!

9. Rose Quartz Dual-Ended Face Roller

Why we love it: This is your go-to for the person who has everything! A double-duty roller that eases facial stress and tension while sealing in serums and moisturizers. The key: naturally cooling rose quartz! Smooth, de-puff and contour with this soothing dual-ended roller. Bonus: Promotes lymphatic drainage too!

10. Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Stone

Why we love it: Cue the compliments! This heart-shaped rose quartz facial stone fits all the curves of your face and eases muscle tension while releasing toxins and increasing lymphatic drainage. Take your self-care to the next level by adding this beauty essential to your routine and enjoy beautiful skin that will have people asking you what’s your secret?