Sleep Masks

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About Silk Sleep Masks by Bella Sleep + Spa

Do you know the top three sleep masks benefits? For starters, they keep light out when you’re trying to rest which is at the top of our list. Darkness increases melatonin levels which help you fall asleep faster. Yay sleep! They also help prevent unwanted lines and wrinkles thanks to the soft feel of our silky-satin. Hello youthful skin! The smooth, breathable material also relaxes your skin and helps your products stay put. A moisturizer win!

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, pair our sleep mask with a satin pillowcase for curly hair, straight hair or anything in between. Our silky-satin pillowcase is a gamechanger for your locks. Say goodbye to creases, frizz and dull-looking hair. Retain your shine while you rest!

A satin pillowcase gift set is on every girl’s wish list and for good reason. We took our silky-satin sleep mask, pillowcase and scrunchie and packaged it in a convenient reusable travel pouch. Our satin sleep set beckons sweet dreams in a snap. It’s no wonder it’s our number one gift for girls of all ages!

Looking for the ultimate at-home spa gift? Pair our satin sleep set with one of our gorgeous spa towel wraps! These plush spa wraps come in the hottest colors and are a girl’s best friend post-shower, pre-glam session or just out of a relaxing bath. Unlike towels, our wraps have a Velcro closure that ensures they stay put and don’t fall down. Blow drying hair, applying make-up and indulging in your nightly skincare routine never looked so good! Available in soft and cozy plush or preppy, posh seersucker.