Boost Your Beauty Sleep: Breaking Down The Benefits Of Satin For Your Skin + Hair

Boost Your Beauty Sleep: Breaking Down The Benefits Of Satin For Your Skin + Hair

Oct 20th 2021

3 min read

Boost Your Beauty Sleep: Breaking Down The Benefits Of Satin For Your Skin + Hair

College co-eds, new moms and certainly seasoned women out there could all benefit from a little more beauty sleep. But how do we accomplish sweet dreams and less bedhead?


One little word, so many benefits! We’re here to break down why satin is so good for your hair and skin. From silky satin pillowcases to sleep masks, satin reigns supreme and here’s why:


First, let’s chat about your lovely locks. Most girls seriously care about their tresses. We’re talking “I can’t go workout today because I don’t want to ruin this blowout” serious. Women worldwide pay big money to get their hair cut, trimmed, washed, dried, dyed, curled, straightened and everything in between. So how does satin help protect those luscious locks?

Satin helps maintain moisture.

When you sleep on an ordinary cotton pillowcase, the natural oils in your hair get absorbed into your pillow causing dry, brittle hair. Satin allows hair to maintain moisture and keep curls (or straight hair) fresh longer, while reducing your chances for split ends.

Satin prevents breakage.

Friction is enemy #1 when it comes to hair. Cotton produces friction when hair rubs against it, opening the hair follicle and leading to breakage. Satin prevents friction, allowing hair to glide across pillow instead.

Satin reduces bedhead, saving time and money.

When you wake up with significant bedhead, you’re going to need a bundle of products and possibly a wash, dry + style to reverse the effects of the creases, dents, and damage to your hair. Satin saves you extra time and money spent re-styling your hair because it increases time between washes, keeping locks looking fresh and bedhead free for longer periods. Healthier hair means more dollars in your pocket and time saved in the morning and that’s what we call winning at life.


Let’s not forget about your gorgeous skin! According to a survey, the average woman leaves her home having used at least 16 facial care products and spends an estimated $250 per month on skincare and cosmetic products. Why do we spend so much on our skincare only to skimp on how we sleep? Satin to the rescue.

Satin produces less friction

Spoiler alert: friction is also your skin’s enemy #1. Friction causes inflammation, sleep lines and those dreaded wrinkles, not to mention acne. Satin allows your face to gently glide across your pillow without friction, so you have less inflammation and wake up feeling rested and refreshed, worry and wrinkle free!

Satin allows your skin to breathe.

Ordinary cotton pillowcases suck all the moisture from your skin, leaving that expensive serum you just bought on your pillow instead of your face. Satin provides a smooth surface that acts as a barrier to soaking up product, allowing your face to retain moisture and those all-important serums and creams.

Satin keeps eyelashes and eyebrows in place.

If you’ve read this far, you know a thing or two about friction and how it can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. Add in eyelashes and you’ve reached triple threat status. Satin is gentle on lashes and brows so hair stays in place and on your face as you move around while you sleep.

Goodbye bedhead and sleep lines. Hello healthy hair and skin! Do you want more beauty tips and advice? Check back here to get inspired on all things sleep, self-care and skin.