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About Beauty Accessories by Bella Sleep + Spa

Want to escape to your own home spa? Between time spent on screens, working at a desk all day or long study hours, there’s lots of reasons to want to transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis at the end of the day. Our collection of beauty essentials help you unwind in style.

Begin by slipping on one of our cotton spa robes. Lightweight and super soft, it beckons calm and sets a serene scene for your skincare regimen. Next, reach for our wash the day away face cleansing pads. Make-up glides off your skin thanks to gentle microfibers and zero chemicals or additives. Washable, reusable and eco-friendly. Follow-up with our new konjac sponge. Made from the konjac root, this revolutionary beauty accessory gently exfoliates while it purifies your skin so you can get glowing. Find both in our freshy face kit that pairs these favorites with our signature spa headband.

Now it’s time for your favorite serum and our derma-roller. The microneedles on this magical tool enhance the absorption of your favorite products while triggering the production of collagen. Find it in our all about the face gift set which also includes a soothing ice roller that depuffs and calms inflammation. It’s a win/win for your skin!